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>> What we do: All in a day's work - some recent flights


Kamov to Antarctica   L1011 - Around the World   Libya Evacuation

Air, Land, and sea; World Air Ops planned, managed, and coordinated the delivery and positioning of a Russian heavy-lifting helicopter from Indonesia to Antarctica - and back again - in support of the Korean Polar Research Institute.
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Dusting off it's desert coat, L1011 Msn 1242 was prepared for what was most likely it's final charter flight. World Air Ops was responsible for Route Selection, Flight Planning, Fuel costing, Air Traffic Rights and Ground Support on a trip across three continents. Read more (PDF) >>


Some challenges are tougher than others, some are downright near impossible. But we don't like that word. During the Arab Spring of 2011 we worked with charter operators and governments alike to make sure that when the refugees were ready to leave, so were we.
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An African Adventure   Flying Corporate - to Kiev   Trans-Atlantic PC-12 delivery

In September, we worked closely with our customer Air Journey, providing the operational support as they undertook the adventure of a lifetime - a PC12, TBM850, and a Citation II on a 2 month, 21,000nm tour of Africa. We've now got a few more Africa experts on our ops team!
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Some customers like adventure; when you're flying Corporate, you definitely don't - a smooth day works best for everyone. A G450 transatlantic flight routing KMDW-CYQX-UKBB presents plenty of work - but that's what we're here for..
Read what our Corporate Crews have to say>>

It's not all big helicopters and heavy jets. Many of our customers operate single engine aircraft on ferry flights, or pleasure journeys.This PC-12 flew from Thunder Bay, Canada to Johannesberg, South Africa, and World Air Ops provided the operational reassurance and support that the crew needed.
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>> Capabilities: What we can do for you

Traditional Flight Support
Fuel Costing

World Air Ops is the best in the business

- Capt Stuart Heinrich, Chief Pilot, Alliance Energy, Falcon 900EX


Thank you for your perseverance and ability to deliver the impossible

- Michel Sneekes, Dir. Ground Operations, Denim Air ACMI.



Our experience with World Air Ops has been terrific

- Capt John T. Snipes, Chief Pilot, Bravo Transportation, Inc.



Your service was professional, timely, and delivered with care and attention

- Robert Nelson, Rollins Airways.




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- Flight Planning 450 Aircraft types supported

- Flight Following 24/7 Dispatch available

- Ground Handler Selection and Coordination

- Contract Fuel Cheapest rates available

- Overflight and Landing Permits

- Weather Briefings


We support airlines, corporate jets, miltary, and private flights around the world.





- Airline Fuel Price Optimisation

- Tankering Analysis

- Bulk discounting using our volume buying power

- Contract Fuel Cheapest rates for Charter Flights

Operational Management   Airline Assistance

- International Flight Management
- Management of Delivery and Ferry Flights

- Federal and regulatory Liason

- Aircraft Registration
- Approvals for MNPS, RVSM, ETOPS
- Project management for Ad-hoc/Unique flights





- Ground Handling Contracts
- Outsourced Operations Control
- Crew Management

- Air Traffic Rights and Block Permits

- Route Development Support

- Charter Flight Operational Support
- Diversion Management

- En-route Alternate Airport review/selection
- IROPS/Delay recovery management



Air Traffic Rights   Route Reviews


- Landing Permits

- Overflight Permits

- Short notice
- Diplomatic and Embassy Permits

- Seasonal and Block Permits

- Charter Traffic Rights

- Cargo Rights






- International Trip Planning

- Best route, best fuel stop selection
- Aircraft performance analysis
- Airspace entry requirements

- MNPS, RVSM, RNP requirements
- Customs and Immigration procedures





15 minute response

Have a question? In aviation, an answer tomorrow to today's question is about as useful as the Volmet in Russian. We know you want an answer fast. Our response target time is 15 minutes.


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