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You've planned your flight. Now check it.

Introducing the free Trip Check™ service from World Air Ops


A second opinion on your flight - use our international experience for free!

Permit Review

Based on your type of flight and routing, we'll assess which Overflight and Landing Permits you require.

Airport Suitability

Having reviewed services, costs, opening hours, and fuel price, we will suggest the most suitable airports for your flight.

Planning Charts

We'll send you our free WorldAirOps planning charts that most closely match your route of flight.

Security Assessment

Based on current political and security situations, we will advise if any Airports or Countries on your route are better avoided.

Approvals and Equipment

We'll advise what airspace restrictions might affect you, and whether you need specific approvals, eg. MNPS, TSA Waivers, 8.33 Radios.

Choice of Tech Stops

We'll suggest the best tech stops for fuel or overnights on your route.

How TripCheck™ works

For your international flight, we provide a second set of eyes to look over your plans, and let you know if something looks wrong.

Using the online tool, enter your flight details, and we'll provide a briefing free of charge.

  • We promise to keep your flight information confidential
  • The service is free and without obligation
  • Benefit from our industry leading worldwide operational knowledge
  • Simple interface, quick process: run your Trip Check now

Why is this service free?

We've been providing initial assessments of planned flights for years. Using TripCheck, it allows us to standardise the initial information you provide about your flight, so it's faster for us to get answers back to you.

If we make suggestions for a different routing, airports, timing, or list permits or approvals that are required, you can choose to let World Air Ops organise those for you, or continue to make your own arrangements. There is no obligation to use our services.

About World Air Ops

Based in Toronto, Canada, and with regional offices in Ireland, Austria, Doha, Singapore and New Zealand, World Air Ops is the leading provider of specialist flight support to aircraft operators. We offer a unique set of services and skills. Our clients include Private Operators, Corporate Flight Departments, Charter Operators, Government, and some of the worlds largest airlines like Air Canada and British Airways. Visit www.worldairops.com to find out more.

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